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Libra(appinsight) is a global Android market analysis platform developed by Cheetah Mobile that covers more than 50% of global Android users. It uses big data maintained by Cheetah Mobile to conduct in-depth data mining and analysis, which enables us to show the trends of the global mobile marketing industry through analysis reports, data products and case studies.

Libra(appinsight) focuses on helping app developers, advertisers, marketers and publishers understand the history and current situation of mobile internet marketing. Multidimensional insights into the opportunities of the industry will help you grow along with the rapidly developing mobile internet marketing industry.

Business Cooperation

Data Cooperation

Libra(appinsight) holds huge amounts of data sources and a custom professional analysis model. If you have complementary data, please contact us via E-mail (libra@cmcm.com).

Report Cooperation

Libra(appinsight) provides various kinds of industry analysis reports. If you are interested in partnering for a joint report, contact us via E-mail (libra@cmcm.com).


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